Making Memories: The Best Gifts of Time With Mum

by Diana Bett
African mum & daughter

A gift for your mum should be more than just a thing — it should be an experience. That's why time spent together is the greatest gift you can give your mum.

We all know that memories last a lifetime, and there's no better way to make meaningful memories than by doing something special with your mum. Whether it's an outdoor adventure, a relaxing spa day, or an at-home activity, here are some of the best mother-daughter activities that you can enjoy together.

Fun Bonding Experiences: Cooking or Baking Together

Whether you cook a three-course meal or bake a batch of cupcakes, cooking together can provide a chance to talk, share stories and bond over something that’s equal parts productive and fun. It's amazing how much time can slip away while you’re busy making delicious treats. But that’s the beauty of it--cooking together fosters teamwork while building quality time between mother and daughter.

Make it a weekly family event or turn it into a special occasion every now and then—either way, cooking or baking will never go out of style as one of the best gifts of time with your mum!

Creative Adventures: Crafting or DIY Projects

We all know that DIY projects have become increasingly popular in recent years, and you'd be spoilt for choice; from home decorating and organising to knitting, one can find projects on various topics. Crafting projects are also a great way for parents and little ones to express their creativity and make useful items such as wall art, home decor, and even gifts!

Not sure where to start? If your mum is more crafty than you, why not browse through her favourite Pinterest boards for inspiration? Or why not take it up a notch by opting for an online tutorial!

Crafting or DIY projects are an easy way to strengthen the bond between you and Mum while having fun. Both mums and daughters will have fun creating something together, plus thing end result will always be meaningful due to the time and effort put in to it.

Relaxing Getaways: Spa Days or High Teas

If you and your mum need to relax and just take some time off, then you should check out the spa days and afternoon tea packages in your local spa. From aromatherapy to hammam baths, there's something for everyone. Plus, many spas offer private high tea experiences with nature sounds if you want to really get away from it all. So why not make the most of your mother-daughter day and spend it in a peaceful and calming environment!

Adventure Thrills: Hikes or Zip-lining

If you and your mum are true daredevils, an adventure park will give you the ultimate thrill with zip-lines, free falls and rock walls. Of course, if your mum's not up for such daring rides, there are tons of other activities like miniature golf and hikes.

Theme Park Escapades

Choose a theme park nearby for a day full of fun activities and epic rides that both of you can enjoy. Most theme parks have a variety of roller coasters and attractions for all ages. And why not take some photos along the way? Take turns taking photos of each other in front of some spectacular views — it'll make for a great memory!

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing may require good physical shape and body balance but with the right safety gear, both of you can experience this thrilling activity. Even if it's your first time ever climbing a rock wall, there are several climbing centers that provide instructions to help beginners feel more comfortable. What better way to explore nature together with your mother?

Cultured Excursions: Museum Visits or Wine Tasting

Cultured excursions with your Mum can be great fun, and really make for lasting memories. Whether you go museum visiting or wine tasting — both of which are seen as a sign of refinement — you’ll enjoy special time together.

Museum Visits

Start by visiting the local museums in your area, and then branch out to more distant locations. This activity is great because it's educational, and can feed your mum's enthusiasm for learning about history and culture. And the best part is that it can be free, or at least much cheaper than other activities.

Wine Tasting

If your Mum is a fan of wines (who isn't?), you should consider wine tasting as an activity for you two to do together. It's such a great way for both of you to learn about wine flavours, how to read the labels, how to detect the nuances in the taste. You could even make a day trip out of it, visiting wineries and vineyards nearby—it would definitely create some special memories!

Lasting Gifts: Photo Shoots or Scrapbooking

Photo albums and scrapbooks are the perfect gifts—they last a lifetime and can be personalised in truly special ways. Whether you present Mom with scrapbook album or a photo album, she'll be delighted to see pictures of memories and stories that will last through the years.

Plus, photo gifts don't necessarily have to be expensive: You can get creative with family photos or old mementos that your mom has saved throughout the years.

Photo Shoots

You also don't need to break the bank for a professional photographer—you can organise a fun home photo shoot for you and Mum! Grab your best outfits, pick an outdoor location, and start clicking away! Take lots of photos so that you can choose one for the album. Without having to lift a finger (aside from pressing the camera shutter button), you'll have priceless memories that are much more valuable than anything else!


On the other hand, if you're feeling crafty, you can create beautiful scrapbooks together. Gather ribbons, stickers and picture frames to add extra flair—you could even include recipes or fun family anecdotes alongside your selection of photos. That way, when your mother flips through her special scrapbook, she won't just see pictures: She'll remember all the hard work both of you put into making it!

No matter which route you take—whether it's a simple photo book or a complex scrapbook—you're sure to come up with something beautiful and special that will help keep your mum's fondest memories close at heart.

One of the best gifts you can give your mum is time with you and each other. Whether it’s going out for a special meal, trying a new activity together, or simply enjoying a day at home, your unique activities and memories shared together will become your favourite gifts of all.

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