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by Bridget Jane

Sometimes, all you need to brighten your mood after a long, hard day is the warmth of a great scented candle. Scent is like a time machine –it can dial you back to some of the most significant moments you’ve experienced, picking scented candles and diffusers  is such an impulsive & personal purchase & can prove difficult to find the perfect home fragrance especially when you shop online.

You can have an army of online store experts tell you which one is the best scented fragrance , but eventually, you will have to go with what speaks to your heart & gut

Fragrances are a harmony of top, middle and bottom notes and this is where the art begins. Next time you're buying a scented candle, smell it three times, each time a new scent hits the olfactory bulb, you can tell each ingredient that went into the making of that good smelling candle


Scent: The first & most important character you look for in a scented candle must be the scent that you not only like, but one that won't irritate you if burned for an extended period. Each unique scent or ingredient in a scented candle can be grouped into 1 of 6 Fragrances, 

These are the fragrances most candles fall under, they guide you to finding the best moods without having to physically smell the candle.

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We could talk about flowers all day, its our favourite thing to do. Floral family scented candles radiate Soft, sweet ,ultra-feminine & sometimes woody notes to recreate the Mixed roses & lilies flower bouquet you love putting up in your kitchen vase. One of the best scented candle picks to have in your bathroom ,kitchen or bedroom 

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You cant buy happiness but you can buy oriental & dessert scented candle,thats kind of the same thing ,These scented candles throw luxurious intoxicating aromas with edible like notes,Gourmand scented candles consists of creamy & sweet think salted caramel or  Fresh baked cookies while the oriental scented candle family indulges you in enticing, savory & homey notes they include soft aromas like cadarmons, thyme,spiced notes of cinnamon,if the kitchen is your space space then these two scented candle fragrances are the ones for you

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Refreshing & uplifting citrus scented candles mimics the ripe juices of freshly cut lemons,oranges & zesty lime, intermingled with aromatic sweet notes while fresh scented candles give marine inspired scents with notes of sea spray, cotton and freshly scented air they are both uplifting & light like bottled sunshine & the sea breeze ,perfect for a gloomy day pick me up 

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A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit & a journal; what else does a girl need to be happy?
As satisfying as a bowl of tropical fruits can be the stimulation from a fruity scented candle is heavenly,
The fruity aromas throw  ripe,sweet ,freshly squeezed notes,you wil easily pick up  strawberries, apple & layers of mango on bases of pineapple,your own pina-colada in a glass jar!

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Herbs are the friends of a physician and the pride of a cook,fresh herbs are generally delicately flavoured a mix between the fresh and earthy families, aromatic scented candles includes freshly cut garden herbs like mint and lavender with leafy green notes. They are airy and very outdoorsy they bring calmness and peace and can prove to be a great meditation accent 

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Intensely earthy, this elegant fragrance family is dominated by rich, warm and heavy notes of sandal wood ,pine, cedarwood and woody notes ,the scent is a like a masculine bottle of a morning stroll in  the forest righton top of the wet grass & on top if its dew .Best candle choices for that masculine figure your thinking of gifting 


Some other quick pointers to look out for in a scented candle 

Throw: This refers to how well the candle's scent will circulate around your room. For the best throw, look for candles with paraffin wax.

Burn time: Some scented candles, like those made with soy wax, have a higher density than others and burn at a cooler temperature, making them burn down slower and consequently, last longer.

Container: Many candles can double as décor if their containers are visually appealing. Others can still be recycled, since you can repurpose their vessels after the wax has fully melted down.

Wax type: As we've mentioned above, the type of wax a candle is made with can affect everything from its throw and burn time to the amount of pollutants it gives off in your home
We've outlined the most popular types below.

  • Paraffin wax: Paraffin wax is a great choice when you want a candle with a great throw, as it's able to pack more fragrance inside .They also prove to be long lasting candles and some of the best smelling candles for a home space 

  • Soy wax: Soy wax is made from the oil of (what else?) soybeans. If you're constantly running out of your favorite scents, this might be a better candle option for you, since this type of wax burns cooler and slower than others

  • Beeswax: Beeswax candles are natural and sustainable, and, as a result, have less toxins than other candles. As an added bonus, it burns longer than paraffin and drips less, so you'll have fewer accidents with your furniture and rugs.

 If at all you are still  unsure of what scented candle fragrance would work best for you ,no need to worry. You can still visit our  physical stores and enjoy spousing for the best home fragrance for you or for a loved one .

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