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Shop our beautiful range of must have jewellery pieces, set to become their favourite. Our jewellery ranges from rhodium to gold plated pieces, some with simulated crystals, others with genuine Swarovski Crystals.

Gifts for every budget


Kanana Afrykah Necklace KSh3,170.00 Shop Now
Phoenix Pearl Earrings KSh1,200.00 Shop Now
Mammas Love Jewellery Set KSh2,000.00 Shop Now
Samantha Crowned Necklace KSh2,000.00 Shop Now
Sienna Ceramic Jewellery Set KSh2,250.00 Shop Now
Daisy Fashion Necklace KSh2,150.00 Shop Now
Sasha Luxury Jewellery Set KSh18,000.00 Shop Now
Brooklyn Swarovski Bracelet KSh2,250.00 Shop Now
Dion Swarovski Jewellery Set KSh7,850.00 Shop Now
Pink Leatherette Jewelry Box KSh1,360.00 Shop Now
Initial Bar Necklace - B KSh2,500.00 Shop Now
Rylee Trio Jewellery Set KSh2,750.00 Shop Now
Believe Gold Bangle Bracelet KSh3,500.00 Shop Now
New Mom Necklace - Blue KSh3,000.00 Shop Now
Sophie Pierced Jewelry Set KSh2,450.00 Shop Now
Aster Pink Charm Choker KSh1,200.00 Shop Now
Tembo African Necklace KSh3,100.00 Shop Now