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Top 10 Small Gifts and Simple for Girlfriends

Having a girlfriend who loves you is great. Choosing what to gift her...not so great! Some of you may have it easy choosing gifts but if you don't, have no worries. Here are some ideas of small gifts to send to your girlfriend.

Red Roses and Pink Carnations

A beautiful bouquet of red roses and pink carnations

Flowers bring beauty to any room. This bouquet will spice up her home deco with captivating scents that will make her morning each day.

Lemon Meringue Bath & Body Treat

A pack of lemon meringue bath and body treat, 500ml

A refreshing bath in the morning with lemon scented bath creme is a great start to any day...even Mondays 😊 

Personalised Travel Mug

A cool personalised travel mug with a pink and purple theme - Purpink Gifts

She is always on the move. Being able to carry her favourite beverage with her makes travelling more bearable. When she's done, she can always remind herself why you love her by reading the sweet message on the mug.

Personalised Pocket Mirror

Personalised Pocket Mirror - Purpink Gifts

A girl has to check herself every now and then to make sure she looks good at all times. 

A Pair of Earrings

A pair of earrings with a pink centerpiece - purpink gifts

 A piece of jewellery to add some glam to her already classy look will be appreciate. Besides, you can never go wrong gifting a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Tidy Tunes Earphone Case

Happy Jackson Earphone Case - Purpink Gifts

Tangled up earphones are so annoying. Having a case to put them in is such a relief.

Power Planner

She's and organized lady and she loves to plan all her tasks in advance.

Travel Wallet

Happy Jackson Travel Wallet - Purpink Gifts

Travelling is one of her favourite things to do. Getting all her important travel documents and essentials in one place will make it travelling way easier and more fun.

Personalised Hoodie

Personalised Navy Blue Hoodie - Purpink Gifts

Help her keep warm in style. The hoodie is great for lazy days indoors, or a chilly night watching movies.

Make Up Bag

Happy Jackson Make Up Bag

The make up bag is ideal for vacation, camping, post gym and for organising her make up at all times. Wherever she is, she must look spectacular