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Top 7 Rose Colors and their Meanings

Have you ever wanted to know about the meaning of rose colors and which ones you should send on various occasions? Read on to find out what different rose colors mean and who you should send them to.

Red Roses

Your guess is rosesrepresent true love. Let the flowers speak for you by telling your loved one how much you love them.

Send to: Your wife, girlfriend or fiancee

Pink Roses

Different shades of pink roses have different meanings. 

Dark pink shows appreciation and gratitude

Send to: Someone you want to say thanks to. It can be for help you received or just thanking them for being there for you

Light pink shows gentleness, admiration and sympathy

Send to: Someone you admire, someone who is grieving death of a loved one or experiencing a misfortune

Orange Roses

Orange is a wild color that portrays enthusiasm, desire and passion. Oranges roses will send this message.

Send to: Someone you are proud of, a new girlfriend, 

Yellow Roses

Yellow rosessymbolize friendship and joy

Send to: a sick person, a good friend or a new mother

White Roses

 White Rose Head Purpink

They depict innocence, sympathy, spirituality, new beginnings and purity. Although they are mostly used in weddings, white roses can be used in other fitting occasions.

Send to: A grieving person, a new girlfriend

Cream Roses

They symbolize charm and thoughtfulness. 

Send to: Someone you think about often, a romantic partner or someone you wish to comfort, letting them know they are remembered.

Lavender Roses

Purple Rose Head - Purpink

Lavender, or purple as most people will call it, often symbolizes royalty and enchantment. Purple roses are the best to send when you want to convey this message.

Send to someone who is special in your life, someone you want to show you love them every day

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